10 Video Ideas for Real Estate Agents


If you’re reading this, you either need some inspiration to get started or keep going.

You’re in the right place.

After HUNDREDS (and counting) vlogs, I think I’ve caught a stride on how to come up with vlog ideas and stay consistent with them.

Here are ten video ideas for real estate agents:


1. Monthly Market Update

There’s literally no excuse to do this.

You should be getting monthly reports on the market from you MLS or local news outlet. Why not position yourself as an authority and position your own?


2. House Tour

If you have the capacity and skill to do this, do it! Please take the time to invest in some equipment if you’re going to commit to this. Or, hire an intern to do it for you :). Nobody wants to see your shaky iPhone house tour!

Need some equipment ideas? Click here for a blog I wrote with what I choose to use.


3. The media rebutal.

Has your local news outlet ever posted something about the real estate market that really grinded your gears? Or, they posted something, but you felt like you wanted to add more to it?

Here’s your chance to do a “media rebutal.”

Simply put the article that you found into your own words, quote what they said, and put your spin on it. Here’s a great example:


4. Video Business Card

What better way to paint a picture in a potential consumers head then a “Video Business Card.” These are short/long form videos that highlight you as a person, broker and more. It’s personal and makes a huge impression on everyone.


“What do you mean, added value?”

Well, if you’re a realtor, there’s market statistics that are posted monthly? Well, why not position yourself as an expert and recap the stats in your own words!

Other ideas for some captions; current events related to real estate (like big leases), economic data, etc.

5. Compare $1,000,000 in one city VS. another

What more CREATIVE way to showcase what sort of buying power consumers have then compare a price difference in each city? Usually, it’s pretty drastic.


6. Home buying 101

This is almost a must. It’s good to showcase some 101’s and position you as an expert, for these types of topics. What I did was also accompany it with a blog and I would frequently share them with clients as they go through the buying process.

For instance, if I had a buyer that wanted to know what earnest money was, I’d send them this:


7. Interview a lender

Two is better than one. Two experts are better than one. Simply put, a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera is to have someone with you.

A great way to again, position yourself as a RESOURCE for everything real estate is to ensure you have all of the referral partners in place. You are the one stop shop.

Pick your favorite lender, get on camera with them, and talk about a topic that’s relevant to the both of you. Plus, it’ll deepen a referral relationship and could lead to more business down the road.


8. Staging before and afters

Okay, another GREAT WAY to showcase your presentation and some fun “behind the scenes” of what goes into listing a house.

Plus, if you’re ever needing to “convince” your sellers to stage, show them the impact that it can make.


9. Economic News

Similar to the “media rebutal,” you can choose an array of different topics that affect the ECONOMY which would in turn affect the real estate market.

Big commercial leases in your area, new companies moving in or out, etc, etc. Here’s what I did when Amazon HQ2 was announced:


10. Showcase your favorite restaurant

Okay. Let’s forget real estate. Think COMMUNITY. What can you show off in the neighborhood you live and work?


Now that you have these ten video topics, you have no excuse to start CREATING! :)

Use this inspiration to push your creativity, get innovative with your video content, and stand out from the crowd.

Who wants to be like everyone else anyway?

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