6 Creative Instagram Posts for Real Estate Agents


There are more than 1 Billion users on instagram. It’s visual. It’s image driven. Why wouldn’t you want to post on instagram if you were a real estate agent?

Coast is clear for some easy branding and free exposure for yourself.

So what should I post on Instagram?

Here are 6 examples of some creative instagram posts I love.

1. General listing photo, but with a story.

It’s so easy to simply copy and paste your marketing remarks and talk about how the house features “stainless steel appliances, large kitchen island and a five piece master bath.”

Or the other one:

JUST LISTED $22,490,000, open house 1-4, come see us! Does that emotionally draw your followers in? Do your followers even care?

I challenge you to put a spin on it use story telling. A great example is Seth O’Byrne in San Diego. Yes, he get’s all the points across, but it’s in his voice and actually connects to the audience.

2. Sold, but get creative with it.

Another great tool to show off your active in Real Estate is by showcasing some of your solds. But, The thing about instagram is what is STICKY is what’s CREATIVE. Rather than just posting an iPhone picture of the front or screenshotting the listing, get creative. Be intentional.

Throw up that sold sign in the air and let the viewers know it’s “not just another sold for you,” that you have fun on the job and love what you do.

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3. The absolute extra-mile closing experience.

These are absolutely amazing. What an amazing way to captivate your audience, potential sellers, and buyers. It shows you really CARE about the client you work with.

4. Lifestyle photo in the community you live/work.

If you’re an agent, community is a big deal. People want to not only see you as a real estate expert, but a community expert.

Check out how Compass highlights their agents in the community. It’s classy, approachable, and clean.

5. Photo of you working, with some added value. (self plug)

“What do you mean, added value?”

Well, if you’re a realtor, there’s market statistics that are posted monthly? Well, why not position yourself as an expert and recap the stats in your own words!

Other ideas for some captions; current events related to real estate (like big leases), economic data, etc.

6. Open house with some incentives. (self plug)

Honestly, who’s going to come to your open houses from your instagram? Likely, not a lot of people.

So, why not give them an incentive? Even if they don’t buy the house, it’s a way to deepen a relationship in the context of Real Estate. Plus, it shows potential sellers you are willing to go above and beyond to get people through the door.


Moral of the story, think about how you can get creative with your posts. Do some research and most importantly do YOU!

I hope these 6 posts give you some inspiration to challenge your creativity.

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