Before you post something on Social Media, READ THIS!


With 95 million photos and videos shared on Instagram per day, it can be tough to stand out, cut through the clutter and actually connect with your audience.

How do I even build a community online that CARES about what I am posting or have to say?

Well, it’s simple.

No, it doesn’t require over thinking or spending all day coming up with a post. This is meant to make you more efficient.

So what is it

Well, before you post something on social media ask yourself:

  • is my post engaging?

  • is my post educational?

  • is my post impactful?

  • is my post providing value?

If you answered no to any of these, don’t post it.

Let’s dive deeper…

Is my post engaging?

Is your post engaging your followers? What’s this mean?

Well, does it actually get your followers involved in any way? If you answered no, then keep reading and see if you should still post it :)...

This is a simple one and there’s simple ways to make a post engaging:

  • Post the latest real estate trend and ask what your followers think about how it’ll affect the market.

  • Ask for feedback from your followers.

  • Post a picture of your favorite coffee and ask what their favorite coffee is.

Simple, right?

I encourage you NOT to just ask a question as a caption, but provide some context to the piece of content you’re posting. If it is in fact a coffee shop you’re posting about; talk about how much you love coffee shops because it’s a chill place to work. Or, that it’s the BEST coffee you’ve ever had after trying every coffee shop in the city. Catch their attention, then ask the question.

The outcome? More relatable content. Hear from your followers. It shows you care what your followers think. It shows you want to build a community.

Below, you’ll see it in action. Simple: “should I create more edits like this?”


Is my post educating?

This is especially important if you’re a brand or building a brand.

Gary Vaynerchuk always says that “once you start looking at yourself as a media company, then you’re going to win.”

This means, position yourself as an EXPERT in your industry.

The easiest way to do this without writing a huge blog (like what you’re reading now), is to write it in a caption.

For example: If you’re a real estate agent, post a picture of you working, the city you work in, and talk about the latest real estate news and trends (stats, etc).

If you’re a coffee shop, post about what goes into a cappuccino and why your beans are superior.

If you’re a golf shop, talk about the fundamentals of a good golf swing.

The outcome? You’ll be a RESOURCE versus visual entertainment with no value.

Let’s see it in action:


Is my post impactful?

Let’s define impact:

  • Impact noun [ U ] (EFFECT): the strong effect or influence that something has on a situation or person.

Great. Now think about this before you post something. How can your post give someone “feels” and that STRONG impact?

Is it a quote? Is it a story? Does it involve you getting vulnerable?

That’s for you to decide.

A great example of someone with IMPACTFUL posts is Andy Frisella .

Read this caption and tell me YOU’RE not impacted in some way:

View this post on Instagram

This is one of my favorite pictures of myself. . It makes me feel cool. . I chose it for this post to make a point to you. . We all have a “this” version of ourselves...the one we want everyone to see. . We look our best. . Feel our best. . The highlight so to speak. . But I hope you all realize something... . What you are looking at here is not reality. . Im not “cool”. . Im honestly a huge nerd. Awkward on the inside no matter how charismatic I might come across. . I am a deeply flawed human. . I make mistakes. . I do wrong. . I fuck up. . Im insecure about certain things. . I am so far away from perfect I couldn’t even list all my flaws in this post. . Why do I share this with you? . Because I want you to know its not just you. . Its me too. . Its also EVERY SINGLE PERSON you look up to or admire...wether they admit it or not. . I talked to a person I admire today who made a mistake in their lives and it hurt to listen how hard they judged themselves for making it. . It got me thinking how important it is to understand the dichotomy of holding extremely high standards for yourself...but also forgiving yourself when you make a misstep in life. . Its important to always be willing to do the work required to be your best self... . But its equally important not to dwell on or identify with your mistakes as being “who you are”. . There is no such thing as a perfect human. . No matter what the media, the internet, movies, advertisements etc tell you...IT DOES NOT EXIST. . If you are someone out there who has done something wrong or made a mistake in life...understand there is so much more to your story that has yet to be written. . I believe things happen in life to test you... . I believe its how you respond to your tests that matter... . Those tests come in the form of challenging times, frustration, heartbreak, loss and yes...mistakes we make. . Are you going to fold up and quit? . Or . Are you going to learn, grow, progress and make a commitment to being better? . The best people arent the polished, unscathed, shiney pretty ones...that shit is boring. . Its the gritty, beaten, resilient ones that make life interesting. . 👊🏽TAG A FLAWED BUT AMAZING HUMAN 👊🏽

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Is my post providing value?

Attention everyone: the selfie in front of a ferrari, telling people how much money you make, or the girls and their booty pictures - this isn’t how you do it.

This is very similar to the “educating” point, but can be different.

If you are posting about your favorite Mexican restaurant, that’s valuable, because people are learning about a new restaurant in the area. That’s great!

If you are a real estate agent and have a new listing you’re posting - what makes this home different? We know that it has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths - but how does that strike a cord with your followers? Maybe talk about something going on in the neighborhood that’s going to impact and increase the value of the home?

The outcome?

People will look forward to your content.

Let’s see this one in action. For me, I love coffee shops and my followers know that. So, I shouted out a new coffee shop that just opened and showed it off a little bit. The coffee shop wins by getting business and people will look at me for what’s “hip” in the area.

In conclusion…

This was less meant to tell you how to do anything and more to help GUIDE you as you seek to grow your brand.

I encourage you next time you’re thinking about posting something to ask yourself these four questions and see if that changes your caption of photo.

Thanks for reading!



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