How to grow your Instagram if you're in Real Estate [2019, Video]


6 ways to grow your Instagram, FAST, if you’re in Real Estate.


The truth is, every real estate agent and mortgage broker wants to build a brand and have a killer following, but nobody wants to put in the work. 

As instagram is maturing, it's becoming less important about how many "followers" real estate agents and lenders have, but what type of community real estate agents and lenders are building on social media.

It's so obvious when you see these big "realtor" with 10k, 20k, 100k followers, yet they're still getting little to no engagement on their instagram. How is that possible? How will that result in ANY sort of business, if that is your intention? 

Truth is, it's because they're not providing any value with their content on Instagram, they're not going on the offense, or they simply purchased their followers (Surprise! you can actually do that). 

Community over followers, all day. Engagement is your success metric, not the amount of followers as a real estate agent or lenderr. Please remember that. 

As you start to build a community on Instagram, you build TRUST with people. As people TRUST you, they want to do business with you. People do business with who they trust, that's a fact. This is exactly how you USE instagram to get business from Instagram, rather than let it USE you by getting sucked into the vortex of scrolling. 

In my latest vlog, I dive into 6 quick ways that will help you build a community on instagram if you’re in the real estate industry. Not just a bunch of fake followers, but a COMMUNITY.  

At the end of the day, do you, focus less on the amount of likes and followers and more about the community you're building. Use Instagram with intention and you will win. 

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