Where to find ROYALTY FREE music for vlogs


Let’s not get sued or kicked off of social media now. Here’s your guide to finding royalty free music!

Finding good music for a video can be challenging.

Finding good music for a video that isn’t going to hit you with a copyright claim can also be challenging.

The last thing you want to do is work hard on a video to find out the music you’re using isn’t going to fly online.

Well, good news for you. There are plenty of budget friendly options out there.

Here are my suggestions:

Epidemic Sound

This is what I use for my videos. There are a TON of free songs nicely organized by genre, mood, and more. It’s a subscription model, clocking in at $15/month


If you’re looking for “one-offs,” youtube could be a good route for you. If you type in “royalty free music,” there are plenty of royalty free music options for you. To transfer this to an MP3 file, I use a youtube to mp3 converter. As a fore warning, be sure to read descriptions in the event you need to give song credit.

Other than this; i’ve tried SoundCloud, which has some great options. As well as Soundstripe.

I’ve been using Epidemic Sound for the most part and really enjoy it! I’ve also been playing with music bed. So stay tuned!



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