Austin Schneider
Austin Schneider
On a mission to help realtors and lenders market better to win more deals.

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Become a Social Broker

Realtor or Lender looking to learn how to take social media to the next level? This course is meant to help define your brand, messaging, and teach you how to use social media to get leads.

√ Online or In-Person 8-10 week course

√ Online Portal with PDF’s and Slides

Proven to help you get more business

Group options avialable.

How I got $8,000,000 in new, cold, inbound business through social media my first two years of Real Estate. (without needing to door knock or cold call).

If you’re a real estate agent or lender, it’s more paramount than ever to have a brand on social media. It’s also important to know that we are our brands and need to be treating our brands just like any other brand (like nordstrom, amazon, etc) would.

There are 3.397 billion active social media users and the average daily time spent on social is 116 minutes a day! This is where you need to be focusing your attention, because this is where the attention of your customers are.

When you work with me, you learn how to build your brand on social media, you learn how to be consistent on social media without it being a time suck, and use the modern techniques of Social Selling to keep your funnel full. Without needing to door knock or cold call.


“I was having a hard time taking my business to the next level. I had all these ideas of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do but no idea how to execute while reming authentic and true to who I was. My biggest fear was doing something poorly, or coming across as cheesy. Then I met Austin and everything clicked.

I hired Austin to help get me rolling. I have to say, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have gone down this marketing path before and it just led me in circles with no real results. 

Austin took the wheel and drove: he drove my business in a direction I never thought possible. And the thing is, they didn’t just do it, they taught me how to do it. Austin spent hours/ days/ weeks, helping me develop content, watching my social media presence, providing feedback, helping me clean things up, walking me step-by-step through everything I needed to be a prosperous self-promoter. He created a template for success that is not only easy to use but  that is actually working… 

In an industry where reputation is everything and the more eyes the better- Austin has taken me to that next level. You have no idea how powerful proper branding is until you see it in action. “

- Client, Realtor

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